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Solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage at our homes and businesses are transforming the electrical grid into a bi-directional energy network which works a lot like the internet. This network promises a new era of cleaner energy, a more efficient grid and greater resilience against severe storms and cyber-attacks. However, the inverters used to move energy in-between these resources and the grid lack the power-throughput and functionality to deliver all of their potential benefits.

REH-FLEX™ is the answer.

Up to 5 times more powerful than a typical inverter, REH-FLEX’s power is matched to the size of the wires coming into your home or business. This allows REH-FLEX to:

  • Power an entire home or business as a microgrid during a grid outage

  • Fast charge EVs to quickly replenish their mileage range

  • Maximize the ability to sell energy and grid services back to the grid, adding up to big bucks over time

REH-FLEX Overview

big power, little box TM

Modular, GaN-Based Inverter Architecture

Thanks to REH-FLEX, more power comes in a much smaller package. This was only possible via ground-breaking power engineering that led to the development of a next-generation Gallium-Nitride (GaN) inverter building-block. REH-FLEX utilizes these modular GaN building blocks to achieve unparalleled energy density and efficiency. Benefitting from the modularity of its architecture, a single REH-FLEX can be configured for either 50kW (single-phase) or 75kW (three-phase) applications. Multiple REH-FLEXs can be used in parallel to support applications up to 0.5MWs.

macrogrid & microgrid optimized TM

Macrogrid & Microgrid Optimized™

REH-FLEX’s patent-pending energy router maximizes the power it can deliver to the macrogrid allowing generators and battery storage to be dispatched as a merchant power plant through a wholesale meter while keeping air-gap isolation from the load and retail customer meter.

During a grid failure, the energy router utilizes proprietary switching technology to redirect the generator and storage assets to power the entire building as a microgrid. Sophisticated monitoring and telemetry ensure there is no commingling of electrons between the wholesale or retail side of the system.

REH-FLEX is the only platform in the industry able to maximize power delivery to both the macrogrid and a microgrid.

cloud smarts TM

As part of the system, REH-FLEX is enabled with machine-learning capabilities via a cloud-based Complex Event Processor (CEP) called DE-MAP™. DE-MAP is “big data" and “fast data” ready, combining data from multiple sources to quickly infer events, identify complicated circumstances and exploit economic opportunities.  Features include:

  • INTEGRATION - Collection and translation of data from disparate sources. Protocol and technology agnostic allowing interoperability of a wide-array of assets.

  • AGGREGATION - Aggregation of multiple REH-FLEX fleets and their associated DERs into virtual power plants, infinitely scalable via cloud-based architecture.

  • SPEED - “Fast data” and minimal latency allowing off-site wind and solar generation to be virtually-coupled with distributed storage for real-time balancing.

  • ADVANCED PROCESSING - Support of computational intelligence, autonomy and eventual participation in transactive, peer-to-peer energy systems.

intuitive user interface

REH-FLEX has an intuitive and expandable user interface.  Because it is powered by DE-MAP, it is an ideal solution for utilities seeking comprehensive Digital Client Engagement to provide improved billing and customer affinity programs. DE-MAP also enables REH-FLEX’s UI to be incorporated into complementary building automation and smart home platforms.

REH-FLEX graphic user interface on a tablet

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